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If you are a fan of League of Legends, then you are probably familiar with Free Riot Points Generator . Previously known as combat points, League of Legends Riot Points are in-game currencies which can be acquired through experience and/or through actual buying. These points are utilized to buy LOL in-game items to offer more customization selections, diversity and ease to the gaming experience.  Although you can gather these points while playing the game, it is much easier and faster to buy them. Unfortunately, not all avid LOL gamers have the capacity to actually buy RP, so some players would toil so much to gather Riot Points. However, the good news is they no longer need to do so; there are LOL Riot Points generator and hack cheats that can now be obtained for free.


With Riot Points Generator, you can buy in-game stuff like champion skins, champions and boosts that will help increase the pace at which you can obtain Summoner Experience Points or Influence Points.  Riot Points are available in $10- and $25-dollar cards. These give 1380 and 3500 points respectively. You can buy these using your debit or credit cards in game store outlets like 7/11, EB Games, GameStop, etc.  The more Riot Points you earned the more interesting and exciting the LOL game becomes. And if you love this game, you know very well the importance of RPs and pretty sure would do anything to obtain them.But as mentioned, you no longer have to spend a single penny to earn points. You can avail them for free through Riot Points generator  and/or RP generators. You can have limitless usage of LOL Riot Points prepaid cards with these. So why spend a lot on something you can get for free. Get free RPs now and enjoy League of Legends more!

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