Metin2 Yang Hack 2014

Metin2 Yang Hack

To run the Metin2 Yang Hack program correctly, follow the instructions.


Metin2 Yang Hack – This is another private work that we release to the public. This takes one month to finished  the hack for Metin2 Yang because of our busy schedules but finally   this is available now  in our site to download. Our Metin2 Yang Hack tool are able to penetrate to the official servers of Metin2  to change  your account to  get unlimited Yang but here’s a very  need to follow advice when using Metin2 Yang Hack do not overuse  why so that you will not be detected by the mods. Just generate or get yang  that you can use for the whole day then tomorrow do it again.

That’s what we are doing when  we are testing  our tool and so far after several days of testing our account are still safe not knowing that we are using the Metin2 Yang Hack and we have added a script to make this tool invisible to the mods eyes. But like what I said if you are greedy enough and generates a very high young in your account then that’s  a red flag and you really have a big chance that your account will no longer work. and and can run on any operating system, that XP/Vista/7/8 and Linux, including Mac!



Metin2 Yang Hack Instructions:

  •     Open the hack
  •     Select the desired language for use the program
  •     Enter the Metin2 account name which you want to add Yang
  •     Select the desired amount of Yang you want to inject into account
  •     Press the “START” button to start the process of adding
  •     After completing the process, you can enjoy the game

Metin2 Yang Hack Download